Not-So-Trivial Pursuits

Ah, July.  This is the month when we can usually count on plenty of pool-worthy days (although not in 2013, unfortunately, with all this rain we’ve had!), family reunions and gatherings, and the start of preparations for the new school year.  Here at the Swan Lake Visitors Center, July is the kick-off of our new fiscal year.  This means a fair amount of time spent crunching numbers as we look back over the last twelve months of our marketing program, seeing what worked, what didn’t quite succeed as well as we’d hoped, and the beginning of our 2014 campaign.

Van Buren 02Part of the 2013 review includes going over our social media statistics to see what people have found most interesting.  With this in mind, I’d like to ask you to take a few minutes and indulge me in a little game. 

Some of our posts, dating back to 2011, continue to generate interest–and hits–after two years.  Others, not so much.  Now, to see if you’ve been paying attention, here’s a pop quiz—and don’t worry, you won’t be graded!  But see how many of the following questions you know the answers to…and yes, this is “open book.”  So, feel free to browse the calendar, use the search box at the top of the page, or if you simply have to know right now, click on the links to the posts that have the answers:

  1. Who are the authors of the Sumter Tourism blog?
  2. What year have we been paying tribute to with this year’s Downtown Friday Nights Classic Movie Series?
  3. Where did the phrase “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” come from, and what Sumter County cultural landmark holds an annual celebration of things lovely and Gaelic?best christmas pageant ever
  4. How many African-American culturally themed events were held here during the month of April 6 to May 5?
  5. What attractions that are not actually located in Sumter County, were featured because of the close ties that the people involved have to our local history?
  6. Who is the director of the Sumter County Cultural Commission, responsible for helping to bring quality cultural experiences to Patriot Hall, the Sumter County Gallery of Art, and the Sumter Little Theatre—as well as a revival of the Fall Festival for the Arts?Sankofa-2013 Rev
  7. How many 5K races have been or will be held in Sumter in 2013?
  8. Who built the historic home that the late Julie Bailey graciously opened for a highly successful public tour back in September 2012?
  9. Please name the Sumter personality whose show has developed a statewide following, partly because of her love for outrageous hats.
  10. What is Sumter’s biggest annual tennis tournament, and where is it held?

Again, there will be no grades given—in fact, you don’t Runner-02even have to share the answers if you don’t want to.  But this would be a great time to go back and take a look at the things that hooked your interest, stirred your imagination or your curiosity, find out what you’ve missed, or ask the question, “Why don’t they write something about [fill in the blank]?”

As members of or visitors to the Sumter community, this is your blog.  So let us know…please send us a comment, and let’s hear about what you would like to see!

It appears that we’re in for yet another stormy weekend, but make it a great one!

by Colette Daniels

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