Got Green? 2013 Truckload Sale to be Held This Saturday

Does anyone out there have a green thumb that I can borrow?  Or perhaps what I really need is a purple one, because most of my favorite flowers are purple, blue, or white.

My Siberian irises have come into full bloom over the last few days, and there are budssumter-green-04 on the bearded irises.  This makes me happy, because as many people do, I enjoy gardening.  The relaxing and agreeable physical activity, the pleasure (well, usually…) of caring for my plants, and the reward of seeing something beautiful come as the result of a labor of love—that’s pretty heady stuff.

My new flowers likewise reminded me that it’s almost time for the annual Sumter Green Spring Truckload Sale.  Sumter Green is a non-profit organization that works to keep Sumter’s community entryways and other public spaces beautiful, with masses of seasonal plantings that are enjoyed by visitors as well as residents.  They also recognize businesses and citizens who have worked to make their green spaces particularly attractive, and the organization hosts several community events.

sumter-green-artAs you can probably imagine, this is time consuming—and it’s expensive.  To help defray the costs, Sumter Green sponsors two major fundraisers each year, the Spring Truckload Sale and the Fall Feast.  The money raised from these two events goes towards paying for plants, labor and upkeep—all adding up to enhancing Sumter’s quality of life.

The Truckload Sale takes place on Saturday, April 20, 2013.  Along with the Recovery Road Race, it’s part of our annual community Earth Day celebration at Swan Lake Iris Gardens.  From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., there will be a variety of bedding plants, Earth-Dayhanging baskets, potted plants, shrubs, and ornamental flowering trees for sale at the most incredible prices.  The selection changes from one year to the next, so shopping can be a small adventure—last year, I picked up a tibouchina, something I’d never even heard of, but it was so beautiful, and so inexpensive, that I couldn’t resist…and it did great in my yard!

This is a wonderful time to stock up on the tried-and-true, or on something that you’ve always wanted to plant but haven’t been too sure about (believe me, the prices will assuage the guilt for any failed experiments).  In the meantime, you’re supporting ongoing and future beautification efforts within the Sumter community.

Come out and join the members of Sumter Green next Saturday—and you can join the organization at this time, too.  Please note that the location of the sale has been changed from previous years.  It will be held on the north (Bland) side of the gardens, at the corner of Bland and West Liberty Streets.  For more information, please call the Swan Lake Visitors Center at (803) 436-2640.

With great plants, great prices, and a great crowd, it’ll be one of the best shopping sprees you’ll enjoy this spring!

by Colette Daniels

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