It’s YOUR Turn to Tell US…

If this were a television series, today’s installment would be “A Very Special Episode.”  You see, it was two years ago this week that the Sumter Convention & Visitors Bureau at the Swan Lake Visitors Center launched our first-ever blog.  One hundred and twenty-five posts later, we’re going strong and excited about what lies ahead.

That first post, on September 3, 2010, was daunting, especially for a new blogger.  But Sumter is so full of fascinating people and places, and there are so many things happening, that sometimes it’s more of a challenge to decide which ones to write about.  We’ve covered a lot of ground, including things like:

Looking back, we hope that you’ve been entertained and maybe even educated a little—I know that I have been!  It’s almost too much fun, digging into source materials (for instance, uncovering the real people behind the legendary General Sumter and Joel Poinsett, talking to local historians who don’t dwell in the past, but can make it come vividly alive, and getting to know the organizers of our many festivals and events.  Although I always write in the singular, the fact is that this blog is produced by a “we,” made up of all the great people who make the City and County of Sumter, South Carolina such a special place.

Here at our two-year anniversary, it’s time for you to get into the act.  What do you want to know more about?  Are there places, events, people or other subjects that you’d like to see featured here?  Sports?  People who are changing the way we live now?  Buildings (homes or businesses) that you’ve always wondered about?  Let us know!  Leave a comment here, or on Sumter’s Facebook page or e-mail this office directly at  We want to hear from you!!! 

With that, I leave you to your ideas (some good ones, I’m sure!), and hope that you enjoy the weekend.   Thanks for joining us on this adventure, and we look forward to your increased participation in the future!

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