Time flies, indeed, and it’s a bit hard to believe that the City of Sumter has been online for so long—since the late 1990’s, long before the Web became a part of daily life to the extent that it is today.  But if you’ve visited the City of Sumter online within the last couple of days, you may have thought briefly that you were on the wrong site.  Rest assured that you were not.  Friday, May 11, 2012 marks the official launch of our new website, with a clean, bold new look based on the community’s new branding theme, along with improved navigation and functionality.

One of the most notable changes is the drop-down menus—now, you are only a couple of clicks away from whatever you’re looking for.  The streamlined design makes it much easier to get straight to the right info on any City-related topic.  Also, it’s much easier to access online services—simply click the “Customer Service,” “Make a Payment” or “Employment” tabs.

The main focus of the new site is its user-friendliness, particularly for residents, business partners, visitors and those relocating to the Sumter area.  Still a work in progress, it also features (or will in the near future) new video options, news feeds, social media features and image galleries.  According to Susan Wild, who spearheaded the new site development, “I hope that with the continuous changes taking place, our citizens and visitors will make it a point to keep checking back in.” 

Join us as we take another step into the 21st century—click on, jump in, and take a look around!

P.S.  Our redirects still work!  For example, the Sumter Iris Festival page is still at www.irisfestival.org, and the Tourism office remains at www.sumtertourism.com.  One thing that has not changed is our desire to serve the needs of our citizens and visitors, so we invite you to explore.

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