Signs of Spring

Most of Sumter’s residents and visitors spent the last few months wondering, “Is winter ever going to come?” (I know I have remarked on it, well, more than once!)  I suppose it didn’t really, but there’s no question that spring has definitely arrived!

Is anything in nature more beautiful than the budding of new leaves and flowers? It doesn’t last long—actually, spring here is more like a sort of spasm between winter and summer than anything—but while it does last, it’s gorgeous. It’s too early for the Japanese iris (they should start blooming in mid-May, but as warm as it’s been, I’d start checking a few weeks early if you’re planning a visit), and the lilies have not bloomed, so it’s not too late to enjoy Sumter’s beautiful flowers. Swan Lake and our other public parks are in full early bloom now, with azaleas, Bradford pears, dogwoods and other spring blossoms. The bald cypress trees are also showing their tender spring-green needles against a backdrop of sky and darker evergreens.

Don’t worry about missing the show, though. April 28 brings the annual Sumter Green Truckload Sale, when you can stock up on bedding plants, ferns and others. May 19 brings the Spring Garden Tour, hosted by Sumter’s Council of Garden Clubs, with some of Sumter’s finest private gardens on display.

Of course, the swans are always in season, but with the gardens changing on a near-daily basis, give us a call at the Visitors Center, (803) 436-2640 or 1-800-688-4748 (toll-free) to see what’s blooming today!

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