Some Like It HOT…

What’s better on a cool night than spicy-hot chili and a cold beer?  Not that we’ve had much of a winter, but there’s been at least a nice nip in the air, just enough to make it feel great to bundle up and hang outdoors with a group of friends.  A bonfire would make it perfect, but whether that will happen at this event remains to be seen—perhaps I should give them a call and suggest it!

So, what event might that be?  It’s the 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off and Beer Tasting, hosted by the Young Professionals of Sumter (YPS).  Scheduled for Friday, March 16, 2012, this popular event features live entertainment, a chili competition (with awards) and 25 beers for tasting.  Everything happens at the Sumter County Museum, 122 North Washington Street, from 6 to 10 p.m.

I love chili, but don’t eat it very often because when I try to cook, people get hurt (seriously), and I think my friends hide their food when they see me coming (the other Visitor’s Center staff members do!).  But when chili is good, it’s really, really good—and just the thing for the turn of the seasons.  From basic to exotic, there is bound to be something to please any chili-lover’s palate.  A quick Web search shows literally hundreds of recipes.  Do you like your chili loaded with beef, slow-cooked with chicken, vegetarian, so hot it singes your eyebrows, or loaded with spices that I can’t even pronounce?  Someone will probably have it just like that!  Tickets are going now for $25 (advance, $30 after March 1), and include all the chili you can hold, plus the chance to taste a variety of beers.  And if you think your chili is among the best out there and would like to enter the competition, application forms are available online here.  For more information on the Young Professionals of Sumter, please check out their Facebook group (you must be logged in to see this page).

The YPS Cookoff is sponsored by H&S Wholesalers, and tickets are available by calling (803) 775-0908.  So whether you’re into cooking it, eating it, or both, get your tickets now and get ready for a great night out!  And by the way, if we have a sudden cold snap, I’ll be glad to call someone about that bonfire…

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