Wow!  After one of the mildest holiday seasons in years, Old Man Winter certainly made his presence known this week!  Thank goodness that daily routines have returned to normal, and there are no shopping crowds to fight in the bitter cold we’ve had over the last few days.  (By the way, don’t worry—the warmer temps are here to stay for a couple more weeks.)

Although Sumter is known for its temperate climate, this isn’t exactly the sort of weather that drives most people to seek outdoor activities.  That’s why it’s a good thing that we have plenty to do indoors, as well.  One of those things is a new installment in the “Let’s Talk about It” series, “Whodunnit? A Series of Stimulating Mysteries!” at the Sumter County Library.  Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good whodunnit?  From Sherlock Holmes, to television’s “Castle,” to the board game “Clue,” a compelling mystery is always a fascinating way to while away the time.

There are many who believe that people don’t read anymore, and that is probably the sad truth in our increasingly busy society.  But there was a time, not so very long ago, when book clubs were common, with many communities supporting more than one.  All that is required is a book, along with the time and willingness to discuss it with other fans (or foes—it’s always a lively discussion when someone who hated it chimes in).  Now, with the increasing popularity of Kindles, Nooks, iPads and other machines that make it possible to read just about anywhere, reading is making a comeback.  So don’t put away the e-reader that you got for Christmas—give it a whirl!

The Sumter County Library, located at 111 North Harvin Street, is hosting this series  of monthly book discussions described as “a free and open opportunity for adults…to discuss five pre-selected mystery novels.”  Beginning on January 10, each evening will begin with a presentation by a noted scholar, with discussion following.  Space is limited, so register now by calling (803) 773-7273.  For more information, visit the site link here.  The series is sponsored by the Library and the SC Humanities Council.

As an avid reader (when I can find the time), I love A. Conan Doyle, Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta series, Hitchcock anthologies—but I’ll be sticking to my hard copies for now; there’s something about the feel and smell of a new book that just can’t be duplicated.  But who knows…maybe someone will be inspired to create a new character that will bring fame to a budding Sumter author!

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