Take Two!

Owing to some recent events, I know more about zombies than I ever wanted to.  In fact, I probably know more about zombies than you do.  How this happened has nothing to do with the topic of today’s blog entry, but there is one new, relevant piece of knowledge that I’ve picked up:


Now, what makes this significant is something that every fourth-grader knows:  being bitten by a vampire is what makes you a vampire.  And who is the most famous vampire of all?  Of course it’s Vlad III of Vallachia (aka Vlad the Impaler), the Transylvanian Prince who has come down the ages to us as Count Dracula.

Bram Stoker’s classic 1897 novel is the basis for “Dracula:  Ballet with a Bite,” presented October 21 and 22, 2011 at the Sumter Opera House.  For the second year running, the city is proud to host this outstanding performance by the Columbia City Ballet, presented by Thompson Industries and Hamptons.  Tickets are available NOW for $20 each at the Swan Lake Visitors Center, Hamptons and Seaco Music.  Tickets will be available at the door on both Friday and Saturday nights for $25.  All seating is general admission, and the show begins at 7:30 p.m.  For more information, please call the Swan Lake Visitors Center at (803) 436-2640 or toll-free, 800-688-4748.  For more info on the Columbia City Ballet, please click here.  The Columbia City Ballet promises “new blood” (their pun, not mine!) with this stunning production.

As a hopeless romantic, I always want to see a version in which Lucy is spared, and she (forget Mina!) and Jonathan Harker run off to live happily ever after.  (I also know that if Hollywood were to film this story my way, I’d talk as much disgraceful trash about it as the critics would.)  We know how the story ends, but it’s rare to see it presented with such grace, beauty and talent…even while the hair on the back of your neck is standing up.

And by the way, I do a really super bite mark makeup…

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