Try Hard…TriSumter…Triathlon!

From Merriam-Webster: tri·ath·lon noun \trī-ˈath-lən, -ˌlän, ÷-ˈa-thə-\: an athletic contest that is a long-distance race consisting of three phases (as swimming, bicycling, and running).

From the Swan Lake Visitors Centertri·ath·lon noun: a chance to find out what you’re made of when it comes to fitness and endurance, meet other athletes, have a great time and qualify for awards in several categories.

The City of Sumter is proud to announce the first annual TriSumter Triathlon, to be held Saturday, October 22, 2011 beginning at 8:30 a.m.  This USAT sanctioned race will consist of a 300-yard swim, 15-mile bike ride and 3.1-mile (5K) run that begins and ends at the City of Sumter Aquatics Center.

Presented by Anytime Fitness, with additional sponsorship by Harkey Chiropractic, Colonial Family Practice and Tuomey Healthcare System, the TriSumter Triathlon is bound to be a challenge for the novice triathlete, and a lot of fun even for those who could qualify for the world-famous Ironman competition. 

As a non-athlete (unless hiking and extreme DIY count), I’ve been trying to learn something about how triathlons work.  At this point, I only know that my category would be “Athena,” and that I would definitely shatter the common belief that triathletes are less susceptible to sports injuries than those who concentrate on one particular sport.  I’d also likely shatter something else—I’m a well-known klutz—but the history and information on these events…well, they are just fascinating!  Even if you’re a couch potato, learning about triathlons will definitely motivate you to get out and get moving.

Registrations are being accepted now, and can be completed up to the day of the event (registration fees are discounted through October 7).  For more information, please call (803) 436-2640 or toll-free 1-800-688-4748, or visit online at

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