Lead Time

The monthly magazine you just took out of the mailbox was actually put together three or four months ago…a period that is known in the publishing world as “lead time.”  Fortunately for us, today we have the Internet and lead time consists of the few minutes between writing something and getting it live online.

I say this because we have two pretty major events coming up with a very short lead time; in fact, one of them began this morning!  It’s the American Legion Southeast Regional baseball tournament, being held at Riley Ball Park.  The Sumter P-15’s are one of eight teams competing for a slot in the 2011 American Legion World Series, and the action continues nonstop until the last team standing is announced on August 8.  Riley Park is located at North Church and Dubose Streets in Sumter.  Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for students (grades K-12), or a pass for the entire tournament can be purchased for $40.  Concessions are for sale.  For more information, please call (803) 773-4811.  The event can also be viewed online in streaming video at www.theitem.com (subscription required).

Another highly anticipated event this weekend is the return of James Gregory, “The Funniest Man in America,” to the Sumter Opera House on at 7 p.m. this Saturday, August 6.  This return engagement will feature more of the “rib-tickling reflections on life from the front porch” that have made Gregory a sought-after performer for more than two decades.  Tickets are $25 and available by calling 1-877-643-6854, or online at www.funniestman.com.  Seaco Music at 140 North Main Street also has tickets still available.

While I’ve got your attention, it’s almost time for the annual Sumter Green Fall Feast!  Make plans now to attend this fantastic event, which will feature live entertainment by Free Flight, along with the best eating in town!  The Fall Feast will be held September 15 from 6-9 p.m. at the USC Sumter Nettles Building.  Advance tickets are $25, and a limited number will be available for $30 at the door, so get them soon!  Tickets are available now at the Swan Lake Visitors Center, 822 W. Liberty Street, and can be ordered by phone (Visa or MC only, please) at (803) 436-2640 or 1-800-688-4748.

So much to do in Sumter this weekend!  Ah, ain’t technology grand?

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