Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

BRRRRR!  Getting out and heading to work in the morning with temperatures in the teens and the leaves frozen even on our hardy azaleas, this fall is feeling like one for the record books!  Yes, fall.  As in autumn.  As in winter is not even officially here yet! 

The silver lining in this particular cloud is that it makes getting into the holiday spirit that much easier.  With events taking place right up to Christmas week, there’s still time to get out and fill your cup of holiday cheer.  On December 16, the Sumter Civic Chorale performs their annual Christmas Concert at the Sumter Opera House.  The following night, Jingle with the Arts comes to Patriot Hall.  Finally, on December 18, Santa makes his last appearance at the Fantasy of Lights at Swan Lake Iris Gardens.  And please don’t forget that the Fantasy of Lights and Tuomey’s Festival of Trees will run until New Year’s Eve.  For more events info, please log on to our events calendar at

As we prepare to travel to see friends and family, or settle into our homes for the holidays, I’d like to ask that we please remember our brave men and women in uniform.  Many of them are spending the holidays in the desert.  Maybe they don’t have to contend with frozen car locks (and noses) or slippery steps, but I’d be willing to bet they’d gladly trade these inconveniences for a chance to be at home with loved ones.

The Swan Lake Visitors Center will be closed December 24-27, so there’s just time to pick up a little something to help some special remember our hometown.  Happy holidays to you all from the staff of the Swan Lake Visitors Center!  

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