Halloween, Part Two

I’d like to clear up a bit of confusion.

The Visitors Center has recently been deluged with calls from people wanting to know…is Halloween on Saturday this year, or on Sunday?  What is the proper night for sending the kids out trick-or-treating?

Well, that sort of depends on where you live.  However, in the city of Sumter, local officials have decided that Halloween will indeed be observed on October 31, which is Sunday.  A recent article in the Item offered many helpful tips and ways to keep the days straight among our local communities.  It can be found online here.

Of course, Downtown Sumter is delighted to host Halloween on Main, a fabulous, fun and safe environment for trick-or-treaters.  This event will take place Saturday, October 30, from 5:30 until 8 p.m.  Two blocks of Main Street will be roped off and will feature, in addition to candy, games, fair foods, a costume contest and even the annual “Dog-o-Ween” costume contest for the family dog!  (I wish I could take my dog to that one because he’d look great in a tux, but he’d also never forgive me for it.)  More info can be found online at the City’s website, by following this link

Halloween in Sumter has really become one of those events which forces people to choose between celebrations because there are so many going on.  There are many other opportunities to get out and have a great time on the weekend, including many fall festivals, “trunk and treat” events and others at local churches.  Please contact your preferred house of worship to find out what they have going on.  Please note, though, that the church advertising a program called “Chainsaw Jesus” doesn’t look like the best idea for the preschoolers in your group…although I must say I found the idea intriguing in the extreme!

And because I like to drop little bits of knowledge whenever and wherever I can, please indulge me in a small history lesson.  There are a lot of opinions about the origin of Halloween celebrations and customs.  One thing that is perfectly clear is where the name came from—“Hallowe’en,” as it is properly spelled, comes from the Old English for “All Hallows Eve”—in other words, the day before All Saints Day.

Whatever you call it and whatever you’d like to do to for it, there’s definitely something out there that’s right up your alley…and if it’s the one beside the Sumter Opera House, that is one spooky alley!

Be safe, and have a great time!

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