“A splendid time is guaranteed for all…”

The Sumter County Fair is here!  Who is there among us without memories of rides, cotton candy, games and animals, both real ones and the stuffed kind you win for breaking balloons?  And who can resist the temptation of a deep-fried Snickers bar?  (Well, I have so far, but just wait until they figure out how to fry banana moon pies.)

Although it’s always a lot of fun, usually the fair is the fair is just sort of the fair, you know?  But this year, there are some special new attractions.  One of them is Clyde the Camel, part of the Great American Frontier Show, which includes a pack of wolves and all sorts of animals one doesn’t normally get to see up close.  There’s more information online at http://www.capitolint.com/Fairs/Frontier%20Show/Frontier.htm.    

For more info on the Sumter County Fair, which runs through October 3, please visit online at http://www.sumterfair.com.  It’s an annual tradition, and makes for an amazing family time.

While I’m on the subject, I’d like to take a minute to offer a heartfelt thanks to our American Legion Post 15.  This amazing group has been bringing the fair to town for many years, and along with the staff of the Sumter County Exhibition Center, it’s great to see their hard work and dedication.  In a previous life, I worked for an organization that set up a booth in the exhibit hall every year, which meant that I spent eleven consecutive years going in and out and standing around.  These gentlemen were always helpful, cheerful, and I looked forward to seeing Gate Guy (I never have known his name) and some of the others who returned year after year.  Some of them are no longer with us, but if you see the ones who are, I ask you please to take a moment to say “thank you.”  They’ve served our country with honor, and they’re still serving.

I might not wave if I have my fingers deep into the heavenly fries from the Potato House, so please let me take this opportunity to say thank you.  Gentlemen, I salute you!

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