Sumter/Shaw StreetFest Tonight!

Everything is on track for the Sumter/Shaw StreetFest, beginning tonight at 5:30 p.m.  The festivities begin with a performance by the amazing Lemira Percussion Ensemble at Rotary Centennial Plaza.  This is one of THE most talented groups I’ve ever seen.  One of the highlights is always watching a  nine- or ten-year-old play a high-energy drum solo that almost raises the spectre of Keith Moon (without the crazy).  It’s downright mind-blowing.  Add sticks, African drums, triangles, chimes, xylophones (or marimbas–I can’t tell the difference) and who knows what else to the mix, and you’ve got the equal of anything on “America’s Got Talent.”  These boys and girls have GOT it!

At 6:00, Shaw and Sumter officials will officially welcome the community and then it’s time for the real fun to start.  Rides, inflatables, games, exhibits, food and fun…it’s all about the good times we have as a community!  From six until ten, our headliners Mighty McFly will take the stage in rotation with All Night Long, so the music doesn’t stop!

This city-hosted event could not take place without the help of community sponsors Progress Energy and FTC.  Someone asked me on the phone yesterday, “How do you do this without charging admission?”  Well, there’s your answer!  I’ll be seeing you…and if you’re looking for me, I’m the one with the camera who is not the willowy blond.  Bring your folding chairs and have a blast!

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