Rock ‘n Roll Party in the Street

It’s going to be a busy month for downtown Sumter!  Football season or no, there are always plenty of people—thousands of them, actually—who come down to Main Street and enjoy live music, food and beverages and hanging out with friends.  A brief rundown:

September 24—Sumter/Shaw StreetFest
October 14—Sumter@Six
October 15—Oktoberfest on Main
October 30—Halloween on Main
November 5—Winefest Sip and Stroll

Perhaps it’s the weather.  Okay, a lot of it IS the weather.  But fall is the perfect time for outdoor events, and after summer’s brutal heat, it’s so good to get outside!

Of course, this week is bound to be a busy one, with preparations for Sumter/Shaw Streetfest, being held on Friday night, September 24.  Hosted by the City of Sumter, Progress Energy and FTC as a salute to our men and women in uniform, this has become one of the biggest family-friendly parties that this town has ever seen.  It’s hard to say exactly how many people show up, but estimates of two to three thousand would not be unreasonable.  Last year, I borrowed a couple of kids from someone who wanted to watch the band, and we had a great time checking out the community and military displays and the rides.  (Why weren’t bouncy houses invented when I was under 100 pounds?  For that matter, why don’t they  just make them stronger?)

There’s plenty for adults to do, too, since it’s one of the biggest outdoor concerts of the year.  This year we’ve got a band, Mighty McFly, that I’d personally never heard of until a couple of weeks ago.  I was told “They’re an 80’s cover band,” and my nose went straight up in the air.  See, I’m a child of the 1980’s, and pretty haughty about it at that.  My dear, I was above the Top 40.  I had good taste.  I was hanging out at the Huger Street Concert Hall with the likes of Soundgarden and L.A. Guns, and partying at Greenstreets with the Ramones.  For goodness’ sake, I was (and am) a TSOL fan!  So the idea of some group taking our stage for some tiresome version of Journey’s “Separate Ways” was a little…well, you know.

So imagine my surprise when I checked out their setlist online. Yeah, there’s plenty of the stuff people will expect…pop pop pop music and like that…but they’ve also got “Alive,” and “Blister in the Sun” and “Friday I’m in Love” and “I Wanna Be Sedated.”  So now I’m looking forward to this…and yes, I have to admit that I shall lovingly embrace the cheese and admit that I like “Ice Ice Baby” and “Bust a Move” (and I also like the television show, “Glee”).  More on Mighty McFly can be found online at  And as always, full details on the StreetFest event are online at  It’s not Guns ‘n Roses…it’s more like, uh…Guns ‘n Inflatables, and I’m cool with that.  Maybe I’m finally growing up.  See you there!

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