Ballet with a Bite!

Mark your calendar for October 22 or 23, when the Columbia City Ballet performs Dracula, “a story of love and seduction.”  It’s a true classic, and the Sumter Opera House is the perfect venue for this elaborate production.

I’ve read the Bram Stoker novel.  I’ve seen a movie and a BBC television production that scared the stuffing out of my 12-year-old self.  I’ve also had the pleasure of experiencing the stage play, which featured some of the most startling visual effects (and the weirdest actors) that I have ever seen onstage.  I’ve never seen the ballet, and am looking forward to a real treat.  I’ll be the first to admit I know very little about the dance, but it’s beautiful and tells a story, and who really needs to know more than that?

Of course, there is a great temptation to get all long-winded about how Vampires Are Big Now.  With the “Twilight” series and at least a small handful of television shows with a vampire theme, it’s obvious that beautiful characters with really sharp canines are In.  So, what better way is there to acquaint the teen crowd with classic literature than by introducing them to the original Count Dracula?  There’s also a lot of fascinatingly gruesome history in the story of Vlad the Impaler, on whom Count Dracula is based.  All in all, Dracula makes for not only a memorable evening, but a chance to expand your cultural horizons.  If I were a teacher and such a thing were permissible (I suppose it is; I can’t see why not), I’d try to incorporate it into a classroom lesson.

Tickets for this special production are on sale NOW at the Swan Lake Visitors Center, Seaco and Hamptons.  Advance sales are $20 each, and all seats are reserved.  For more information, contact the Visitors Center at (803) 436-2640.

And if the dancer who portrays the Count looks anything like the young Frank Langella, someone please catch me when I swoon…

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