Frog legs and Riesling! Yes, it would give Chef Gordon Ramsay a stroke, but for me, that’s the highlight of the Sumter Green Fall Feast. Once again, the volunteers at Sumter Green are hosting this fantastic event at USC Sumter’s Nettles Building on Thursday, September 16, and it’s always one of those nights when trying to count calories is a waste of time (with half a dozen dessert tables, forget about it!).  The Fall Feast is only one of many exciting events that we have coming up in Sumter as we head into the season of thanksgiving that begins with the start of Gamecock football and continues through the holidays.

Please allow me to introduce our new blog, “Sumter…in the Middle of Everything,” from the Swan Lake Visitors Center.  We hope to keep you up to date on the events and attractions offered in our community, and that you might even find yourself getting out to more events and even to  see some of those places that you didn’t know we have here.  Our name comes from the fact that Sumter is not just geographically in the heart of the state, but also the center of many activities in sports, cultural offerings, street parties and so much more.  I’m Colette Daniels, Tourism Development Coordinator for the Sumter Convention & Visitors Bureau, and my hope is to introduce you to places and happenings of interest to the community and beyond.

The Swan Lake Visitors Center is, of course, located at Swan Lake Iris Gardens.  I often tell visitors that I have the most beautifully-situated office in town, and it’s really hard for me to get a lot done during dogwood season.  But even when the trees and irises are not in bloom, the gardens are a peaceful spot of serenity as summer begins to wind down.  The swans, of course, are always in season!

I find it so incredible that there is always something changing in this venerable jewel of a city park.  From the day ten years ago when I learned to my amazement (and embarrassment) that the little white Coscoroba is a swan and not a goose, to the recent unveiling of the magnificent Grainger McKoy “Recovery” statue, the park has undergone many changes in the last decade, all for the better.

As a long-time Sumter resident, I grew up with Swan Lake and took it for granted.  At the Visitors Center, we love to hear visitors from other states and countries as they express their delight in the park, which somehow it makes it new for us all over again.  If it’s been a while since you’ve visited, why not stop by for an afternoon outing?

In the coming months, please check in to find out the latest in Sumter’s happenings, and also to find those well-kept secrets that even seasoned Sumterites may not know about.  For example, did you know that there are 26 city parks?  We’ll be exploring some of them, along with some of the exciting things to do in the area.

Stay tuned.  Sumter really is in the middle of everything!

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  1. smartdvp says:

    cool. blog you have here. 🙂

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